We see the numbers all the time. They swing from 5% to 25%, from ‘one in ten’ to ‘one in five’. They differ by country, by social status, by income, by ethnic background, by neighbourhood.

But does anyone really know the true prevalence of postpartum mental illness?

And what of the words we use when asking? Are postpartum anxiety and OCD misrepresented, because we ask only about the oft-referenced postpartum depression? Are illnesses like postpartum mania and psychosis so scary to go through, that mothers choose not to disclose?

I invite you, as a visitor here, to anonymously enter a response in the poll below. The so-called ‘experts’ may be unable to give clear answers, but small-scale surveys like this one might give an idea where we stand, where work needs to be done, and most of all, that we are not alone.

*** IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You may check all that apply. Illnesses like depression and anxiety are often co-morbid and exist together.

If you are unsure what the symptoms are of postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, mania, or psychosis, please refer to the excellent descriptions at Postpartum Progress®.



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